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Friday, May 19

Administrative Corner:

Hi Folks,

We are preparing for the end of year events, including the Underclassmen and Senior Awards. It is always nice to recognize our kids who do well. I want parents to be aware that many of the scholarships are restricted to those who apply. Michele Daigle does a great job of promoting scholarships, but our students don’t always take the time to complete an application. Right now, there is a WISE scholarship, due June 1st, and so far, no one has applied. Please encourage your sons/daughters to see Mrs. Daigle in the School Counseling office for an application. The greater Lebanon community is incredibly generous to our students as they head off to college.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


This bulletin board, in our front lobby, displays our seniors’ plans. Some will work, travel, or take a gap year. Some will attend New Hampshire or Vermont schools: Plymouth, Keene, UNH, RVCC, Lakes Region Community College, NHTI, Southern New Hampshire, VTC, Johnson, Lyndon, Champlain College,  and CCV.  Others will attend schools such as: Roanoke, Clarkson, Johnson & Wales, Bryant, Smith, Bucknell, Amherst, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Iona, University of Southern Maine, Rochester Institute of Technology, Colby Sawyer, Lasall, Mount Ida, Rhode Island School of Design, Ithaca, Cornell, Endicott, Appalachian State, California, Merrimack, UMass-Amherst, Dartmouth, Adelphi, Curry, Bowdoin, Emerson, University of Tampa, Florida Gulf Coast University, Bates, Springfield, Nichols, Front Range Community College, University of Montana, Eckerd, New England College, Merrimack, Calvin, Universal Technical Institute, Long Island University-Global, University of New England, Brigham Young, Valencia, University of Maine- Orono, University of Michigan, Red Rocks Community College, Western Washington University, Florida Atlantic University,  and Norwich University.

I’d like to thank Shawn Quelch, Store Manager, and the Hannaford Corporation for their donation to Lebanon High School. It is great to have so much support from the community.


Have a good weekend.


Focus on Learning

Math Investigations

Our Math Investigations class had a fun- if not completely scientific - look at associating information recently. Sixty members of the staff completed an online survey, and students looked for associations among unrelated answers. Below, you will find the graph that compares dream vacations and favorite seasons. Autumn in Paris sounds good to me!

If you love Europe, you probably also love Autumn.

What we can conclude from our data is that a disproportionately large group of people who want to go to Europe for their dream vacation like autumn the best.  

Thanks to teacher Lynn Fisher for sharing the students’ findings.

Reading and Writing Advancement Students Present Personal Projects

On May 10, students in 9th grade Reading and Writing Advancement presented their Personal Interest Projects.  Each student focused on a topic of their own choice and wrote an essay, created a digital slide show and made a visual display.  Teachers, administrators, students and student family members visited the library to explore the presentations.


(Back row: Shawn Scheiner, Middle Row: Bailey Allen, Dillen Howe, Nathan LaFlam, Jacob Rice, Ariel Dashnaw, Front Row: Abigail Smith, Kelsey Carney, David Cassedy)

Congratulations to Cole Cloutier

Cole Cloutier is one of the first students in the state of New Hampshire to participate in Southern New Hampshire University’s  dual enrollment. During his last two years of high school, Cole was enrolled at SNHU, earning both high school and college credits.

On May 13, Cole graduated with his Associate’s Degree!

Cole is pictured on the right at the SNHU College of Online and Continuing Education Academic Awards Ceremony. He was honored by receiving the Outstanding Student Award. The award is given to the student or students who hold the highest GPA in their program.

Cole plans to continue his studies in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and we wish him all the best.

We are very proud of Cole!

Lukas Michener - Former LHS teacher

Some members of our community will remember Lukas Michener who taught at LHS a couple years ago. Lukas is now teaching in the state of Washington, and he has been nominated for a national award. The 2017 Social Justice Activist of the Year award will be presented to an exceptional educator who demonstrates the ability to lead, organize and engage educators, parents, and the community to advocate on social justice issues that impact the lives of students, fellow educators and the communities they serve. You can read about Lukas’s nomination here, and you are also welcome to vote.


The Diamond Gala Prom was held Saturday evening at the Fireside. Cindy McCarthy, Mary Mayes, Susan Renard, and a large group of volunteers did a masterful job envisioning, organizing, and creating life-long memories for our students.

It was so much fun to chaperone this event! The students looked elegant, were really well-behaved, and had a great time. We are all already looking forward to next year.

prom 1.jpg  prom 3.jpg prom 2.jpg

The photos above include the great audience for the grand march, a view of the venue, and a shot of the students dancing. Thanks to Mary Lou Childs for these photos as well as the full collection that can be viewed at this link.

Man Up Extended Learning Opportunity

Congratulations to the young men that presented their research from the “Man Up” ELO, supervised by Lucas McKittrick and Andrew Gamble. Their topics were challenging, and their findings were inspirational.

man up.jpg

Will, Mr. McKittrick, Peter, Jonathan, Logan, and Mr. Gamble

Calendar Notes

Senior Stories

On Wednesday, May 24, we will have a 1:00 assembly called Senior Stories. This tradition was started last year and gives seniors the opportunity to share their stories with the student body. The list of participants has not yet been finalized, but we look forward to hearing stories from Raphael Harriman, Jack Chase, Nat Tyler, Jillian Mitchell, and Anna Truong. The assembly will be facilitated by moderator Eli Weitzman. Please feel free to join us if you can.

Underclassmen Awards Assembly

Another tradition that was started last year is the Underclassmen Awards Assembly, held June 7th at 9:00 am. During this assembly we will give the prestigious book awards, LHS subject awards, recognitions for academic clubs, and recognize retiring teachers (Susan Seamans, Terry Reynolds, David Dukeshire, and Chris Malhoit). This event also is open to the public.

The time is passing quickly now. Please be aware of these important dates and events, mostly for seniors:

May 24


Senior Stories

  • 1:00

May 31


Yearbooks for


  • Distributed 2:00-2:30 in the Gym

May 31 - June 2  

(Wednesday - Friday)

Senior Finals

  • May 31: Periods 6 & 7

  • June 1: Periods 4 & 5

  • June 2: Periods 1,2,3

June 2


Senior Finals

Spring Fest

  • Senior Finals Periods 1, 2, & 3

  • Senior Silly String 10:15

  • Lunch in Senior Square 11:00

  • Springfest Activities 12:18-2:30

June 5


Senior Awards

  • Practice at LOH 10:00-12:00 (or until finished)

  • Distribution of caps and gowns and indoor seating tickets end of practice - $15.00. Bring $ with you (checks payable to Balfour)

  • Awards Night: Seniors arrive at 5:15

  • Ceremony 6:00

June 6


Senior Trip

  • Departure - 7:30 am

  • Return - 5:30-6:00pm

June 7


Graduation Practice

  • Underclassmen Awards 9:00 (optional for seniors)

  • Indoor and Outdoor Practices 11:00-2:00 (or until finished)

June 8



  • Principal will announce if the ceremony will be Indoors or Outdoors 2:00

  • Seniors arrive at 5:30

  • Graduation 6:30

June 8


Project Grad

  • CCBA

  • 10:00 p.m.-4:00 a.m.

June 10


Alumni Day Parade

Dianne Grant

Wendy Jewell   

I would just like to highlight the Underclassmen Awards Assembly on June 7th at 9:00 in the morning. Top 11th grade students will receive the coveted Book Awards; students in grades 9-11 will receive Subject Awards; recognition will be given to students participating in academic clubs; and we will honor our retiring teachers. Parents are welcome to attend.

Enjoy the weekend,


School Council:

Music and the Arts:


The band has been working hard on preparing their music for the Great East Festival on Friday, May 19th. After the festival, we will spend the rest of the day at Six Flags. Everyone is really excited to have some fun after a year of hard work and great performances!

Car Wash Fundraiser! - on Saturday, May 20, we will be hosting a car wash at the Irving Gas Station (in the plaza with Dominos) in West Lebanon. Tell all of your friends and family to come on down and support the LHS Band! All proceeds will go towards our Ireland Trip.

Upcoming Events

  • LHS Art Show - Thursday May 25. Jazz Band only. We provide about an hour of music at the art show exhibit. Evening performance, time TBA, but it will likely fall within our normal rehearsal window, so that is perfect!

  • Memorial Day Parade - On Memorial Day, May 29. Concert Band.

  • Graduation - June 8. The Concert Band performs at Graduation every year.

  • Alumni Day Parade - June 10th. Concert Band.

Have a great weekend!

Lauren Haley

LHS Choral Department

The kids (and adults) have been working hard to prepare for our upcoming concerts:  

  • Spring Choral Concert: Tuesday, May 23rd,  Lebanon Opera House, 7:00 p.m.

  • Barbershop Singing Tour:  Thursday, May 25th, Dartmouth Childcare, Plainfield School, Grantham Village School, the Woodlands,, school day

  • Upper Valley A Cappella Showcase- a Harmony Night concert:  Saturday, June 20, Lebanon Congregational Church (Lebanon Green), 7:00 p.m.

Hope to see you in the audience!

Introduction to Piano

Our Final Recital will be held on Wednesday, May 31st in the Music Room at Lebanon High School.  The period 3 recital will start at 9:25 a.m. and the period 5 recital will start at 11:40 a.m.  All are welcome.

Dan Signor

Choral Director

LHS Drama Department

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the Drama Club’s Spring Drama Festival. We had a very successful run! Looking forward to announcing next fall’s musical before the end of the year!

Jonathan Verge

Drama Director


Market Analysis & Business Relocation Project

Students in Geography worked in groups to determine where in the United States Mr. Tetu should move his theoretical mountain bike company, in order to expand its business. Students were tasked with having to find a location that boasts an appropriate commercial real estate site (that is truly available), a desireable region for finding and retaining qualified employees, and a favorable infrastructure for the business. Teams could pick any location in the U.S., and their projects became campaigns - in the form of presentations - where each team would try to convince Mr. Tetu to choose its relocation plan. Students had to consider and present the changes in costs, particularly for receiving raw materials and shipping final products. Teams also looked at proximities to recreation sites for testing the bikes, as well as being in an area where it would be possible to sell them directly to people with active outdoor lifestyles.

Maps and presentations were created in an Internet-based geographic information system (GIS) called ArcGIS Online. In this program, students search for layers that contain data in shapes to fit city blocks, town and county borders, and more. They can also create symbols for the supplier, manufacturing center, and sellers of the products - as well as other pertinent sites - and place them on the map. Analysis features allow the user to create original layers for relationships between points and variables. Each set of layers is superimposed above the base map in a desired way, and the range of detail in each layer is explained in a legend. The skill of using GIS is highly desirable among many companies and organizations: it is a very exciting field that combines environmental, economic, political, and social data with map-based organization and retrieval.

In the examples below, one team explored the northern portion of the Albany, New York metro area.

Each of the above maps covers the same collection of towns. Note that the census block groups with the highest and lowest average household incomes tend to correlate to high and low retail goods spending, respectively, as well as higher and lower exercise rates. These variables would be certainly be factors for deciding where to open up a mountain bike building operation or shop.

Once the layers are created and selected, they are put into a presentation within ArcGIS Online. There are features of the presentation editor that allow the user to integrate photos or information from a website with a symbol, click on a census tract to display information that is stored within each applied layer, and choose to show the legends for those layers. Below is a set of example slides from the presentations that students created.

Students presented their campaigns at the end of the project.

Upper Valley Robotics Team

Athletics and Co Curricular:

Senior Class News

46% of the senior class has not paid their dues.   Please submit your dues of $25.00 immediately!!!!!

Senior Parents - please visit the Project Graduation gift registry to make a prize donation.

Questions? Email

Senior Class Float       Alumni Day June 10, 2017

Please contact Sarah Sentman or Julianne Borger for Info and to choose a theme.  

Best of Luck.  There is a challenge from the Class of 2008 to beat them - they were the first Class ever to win a trophy(2nd place).  Let’s have fun together one last time.

Project RYLA

Dear LHS Parents,

We would like to invite your student to attend our RYLA program this year. Please read the information below, discuss it with your student and have him/her contact Ms. Gobin at the High School or Susan Donnelly at  We will then have them fill out an application and complete an interview process. This must be completed by the end of April, so please let us know ASAP if you’re interested. We can send several students so don’t hesitate to try.

What is RYLA?2017 District 7850 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Conference for students completing their sophomore year in high school (ages 15-16).

The 2017 RYLA will be held at Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, Vermont from 8:00 a.m. Friday, June 23rd through 1:00 p.m. Sunday, June 25th, 2017.The District 7850 RYLA Program Goals are to:

- demonstrate Rotary’s values of service, high ethical standards, and world peace through a program validating Rotary's respect and concern for youth;

- encourage and assist young people in responsible and effective voluntary youth leadership by providing them with a valuable and effective training experience;

- foster continued & stronger leadership of youth by youth;  and

- recognize and reward publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities as youth leaders.

History of RYLA

Originating in 1959 in Queensland, Australia, RYLA was created as a festival highlighting local youth organized in honor of a royal visit by Princess Victoria.  The Rotary Youth Leadership Award Program was officially adopted by Rotary International in 1971.  Conducted on a district level, RYLA offers Rotarians a special opportunity to mentor the developing qualities of leadership and good citizenship among young people in their communities.

RYLA and Rotary’s New Generations Initiative

Youth Service became Rotary’s fifth Avenue of Service in 2010. It is defined in Article 5 of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution: New Generations Service recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults through leadership development activities, involvement in community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

Who is eligible to attend RYLA?

RYLA participants in District 7850 are students completing their sophomore year (approximately 15-16 years of age). While each local club may develop its own eligibility requirements for accepting applicants (see below), RYLA participants are generally young people who display or have displayed, or are potential candidates to display, the ability to assume a leadership role.

Baseball   Boys Varsity

Boys Junior Varsity


Girls Varsity

Girls Junior Varsity


Boys Varsity


Boys Varsity

Girls Varsity

Track and Field Outdoor

Coed Varsity


Boys Varsity

Boys Junior Varsity

Girls Varsity

Girls Junior Varsity

Counseling Department:


Summer School- LHS offers a five week summer school opportunity for students who have failed a course, but passed some competencies, to obtain credit for the course.  If you and/or your student would like more information on this program, please contact the Summer School Director, Mike Anikis at or call 448-2055 to speak with a school counselor.

SAT scores from the School Day SAT, April 5th, are available on each student’s College Board account.  If your son/daughter is having difficulty accessing their scores, please send them to our office.

In June, final official transcripts will be sent to the colleges that seniors have declared they plan to attend.

Student Assistance Information:

For those that attended the LebanonPUSH forum last Thursday, thank you for your presence and questions! Here’s another offering that might be of interest:



The Lebanon Police Department Cyber Crimes Unit is hosting an Internet Safety Forum for parents on Thursday May 25, 2017 from 6:00pm-8:00pm at the Lebanon Police Department.

The forum is designed for parents and will cover popular web sites and applications that children and teenagers are using to access the internet.

The forum will also cover various methods that parents can use to help ensure that their children are using the internet safely and the best practice/procedures for reporting possible internet related crimes to their local police department.

If you would like to attend the forum, please contact Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Beraldi via e-mail: or 603-448-8800 to register.


The safety of the community and our young people are a priority this weekend as Dartmouth College’s Green Key Weekend starts on Thursday. Dartmouth College and local law enforcement have publicized that high School students should not attend Green Key Weekend events. Only Dartmouth students and their guests will be allowed to attend. This will be strictly enforced. Dartmouth College Security and local law enforcement departments will be increasing staffing and patrolling in order to enforce safety at Green Key as well as in the surrounding community.

Remember the following are illegal in New Hampshire and Vermont:

       Possession and/or consumption of alcohol by individuals under the age of 21.

       Transporting alcohol in open or unopened containers by individuals under the age of 21.

       Operation of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

       Providing alcohol to individuals under the age of 21.

Be clear about your expectations for your children’s behavior. Again, high school students should not attend any Green Key Weekend events. You play an important part in helping your children make safe decisions.

When you talk, your kids will listen!

General Announcements:

Project Grad Update:

The following is a copy of the contracts sent home with seniors for  parent and student to sign. These contracts need to be completed before students can participate in the Project Grad planned post graduation activities to be held at the CCBA. If you need a copy, please feel free to manipulate the contract below and turn in.

Try this link for a copy as well… PG Contract

Lebanon High School Class of 2017 Project Graduation Celebration

@ CCBA, 1 Taylor Street, Lebanon, NH

Check in 10:00-10:30pm Thursday, June 8, 2017


Project Graduation ends at 4:00am, Friday, June 9, 2017


(Return to Project Graduation no later than May 25, 2017)


Name of Senior:  

Date of Birth:   Home Phone #:   Student’s Cell #

Parent/Guardian Name:  

Parent/Guardian Telephone Number (Home):   Parent’s Cell#:  

Other Emergency Contact:   Phone #:  


This event is for Lebanon High School Class of 2017 seniors only.  NO guests are permitted to attend.

Upon arrival, all seniors will check in, have bags searched, and turn keys and medications in at the check-in point.  The pool will be open from 10pm-1:00am.  Bring appropriate swimwear and a towel in a small bag.   No purses, backpacks, or water bottles will be allowed past the check-in point.  All seniors should have a valid driver license on hand in case identification is necessary upon admittance.  

There will be ZERO TOLERANCE regarding alcohol, drugs, tobacco products (smoking or smokeless) and weapons.  Anyone arriving to the Project Graduation Celebration who is deemed to be under the influence of any substance, or who causes or poses any threat of violence, will be denied entrance and will be subject to detainment and law enforcement action.

NO outside food or drink will be permitted. Plenty of food and drink will be provided.

Any senior who has registered for the Project Graduation Celebration and is not checked in by 10:30pm will have their absence reported to their parent/guardian. Please read and acknowledge the statement below.

Seniors are expected to stay for the entire event.  Regardless of age, parents will be contacted by a chaperone in the event that a senior wishes to leave the party prior to 4am.  Seniors under the age of 18 will need to be picked up by a parent as they are legally not allowed to drive between the hours of 1am-4am.  Seniors will not be able to leave the party and return later.  Seniors must remain at the party to receive any prize give-aways.  

Lost and stolen articles are not the responsibility of the CCBA or Lebanon Project Graduation.

All graduates will be responsible for their actions and the facility.  They will appreciate the chaperones’ willingness to share in making their Party a success and respect their authority.  

Lebanon Project Graduation and CCBA are NOT responsible for any injuries that are sustained at the CCBA facility during the 2017 Lebanon Project Graduation Celebration.

Lebanon Project Graduation and CCBA are not responsible for Lebanon High School 2017 seniors once the senior leaves the CCBA facility.

(Signatures needed on back side of page)

By my signature below, I affirm that I have read & understand this statement of rules as stated and agree to abide by these rules.  Parents agree to be available by telephone for the evening in the event their child needs to leave for any reason.  In addition, I hereby release and agree not to hold CCBA, Lebanon High School, Lebanon Project Graduation, and its volunteers responsible for any and all claims that may arise at such premises and all activities during the Project Graduation party.

LHS 2017 Senior Signature Date Age of Student on 6/9/17


(I would like to help at event)

Parent/Guardian Signature  (REQUIRED) Date

Medicine to be dispensed:  

Medicine dispensing information:  

Three Options of Returning this Contract to Project Graduation:

1.)  Mail to:  Lebanon Project Graduation, PO Box 887, Lebanon, NH  03766

2.) Scan a .pdf copy of the front and back side of this contract to

3.)  Drop off with Mrs. McCarthy in room 215A at Lebanon High School.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!  We need to have a signed contract (parent and senior signature) on file for all seniors attending the Project Graduation Celebration.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention starts with everyday heroes like you. Join us for our third annual walk on May 13th, 2017 at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth as we walk to fight suicide and raise awareness about mental health. Be a part of the movement turning hope into action, and create a culture that’s smart about mental health.

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. It touches millions of lives – people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds – but the research is clear: suicide is preventable, and the more people who stand up for suicide prevention and mental health, the more lives we can save.

The 3rd Annual Dartmouth College Out of the Darkness Walk is one of more than 125 Out of the Darkness Campus Walks being held nationwide this year. The walks are expected to unite more than twenty-five thousand walkers and raise over a million dollars for suicide prevention efforts.

We walk to raise awareness about this important health issue. We hope that by walking we save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.

Funds raised at the walks will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and its bold goal to reduce the annual suicide rate in the United States 20 percent by 2025 through research, education, advocacy, and support. These walks are truly uplifting experiences, and they grow every year.

Register for the walk or donate today at

Water Testing at LHS

Last fall the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) e-mailed letters to all SAUs, charter schools, and private schools regarding the potential presence of lead in school drinking water systems.  The EPA has yet to establish a drinking water standard for lead. They have only issued an action level which is 15 parts per billion (ppb).  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has considered acceptable levels of lead at 5 ppb.

The Facilities Department conducted preliminary testing in June 2016 at the most common point of water use at LHS, HSS, and MLS prior to the NHDES recommendation.  The preliminary testing did not detect measurable concentrations of lead in drinking water.

Additional testing was conducted in April 2017 at 42 possible points of water use at the Lebanon High School to further assess lead in the water.  The testing detected lead at concentrations greater than 5 ppb in 16 of the 42 sample sites at LHS.

Lead was detected above the recommended CDC concentration in sinks in classroom, not in drinking water fountains.  The presence of lead in the water is most likely associated with leaded leaching from solder from old piping in the building.  Lead-containing solder was banned in the 1986.  Much of the building was constructed in circa 1957.

Following the recommendation of the EPA, we have taken these corrective actions:

1.      Signs have been placed at sinks in classrooms and bathrooms recommending that the water not be used for consumption.

2.      Students will be instructed to use water only from bottle fill stations or the hallway fountains.

3.      We will budget for additional bottle fill stations which are equipped with carbon filters capable of removing lead.

As part of the SAU 88 Master Facilities Plan, we will be assessing long-term solutions.

Please contact Dana Arey, Director of Facilities, with any questions you may have regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Lebanon School District

Driver’s Education

Twin State Driving is ready to accept registrations for the next school year including the summer of 2018.  Please don’t delay as we expect classes to fill very quickly.  Check out our website, for all the information you need including the registration form, handbook and answers to frequently asked questions.  You may also leave questions on our office phone 448-5072. We return calls in the early evening or at lunch time.  

Tip of the Day:  Did you know your students first summer with their License is the most dangerous 100 days of their driving experience?  

Nurse’s Corner:

Allergy season has hit with a vengeance!  While seasonal allergy sufferers can’t control the pollen counts, there are ways to minimize exposure to environmental allergens, such as pollen, ragweed, hayfever, etc.

  1. Take a daily dose of Over-The-Counter allergy medication, such as Zyrtec, Claritin, or Allegra. They are effective for many people and most of them come in a 24 hr. formula.Taken at bedtime they also have the added benefit of making one sleepy.

  2. Keep the windows in the house and car shut as much as possible. This can be hard when the outdoor temperatures turn hot, but any effort to minimize exposure to allergens helps.

  3. Don’t let pets sleep in your bed with you! I know..we love our pets, but they bring allergens into the house on their fur. It’s just a suggestion.

  4. Take a shower and shampoo hair before bedtime. The allergens get washed off and then don’t get on your pillowcase and sheets.

  5. Wash bed linens often during the worst part of allergy season.

  6. If allergy symptoms prevent you from daily activities and nothing seems to help, find an Allergist. They are the experts on managing allergies.

The Lebanon High School Administrative Team:

Ian Smith, Principal         

Kieth Matte, Assistant Principal,

Bonnie Robinson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment,

Mike Stone, Athletic and Co-Curricular Director,