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Lebanon High School Weekly

Friday, February 17

Administrative Corner:

Good afternoon, a full weekly today. I hope those who have the chance to travel a bit next week enjoy the time away - the rest of us will persevere!  I visited a number of classes this week and was again impressed with the effort made on the part of both students and teachers. I’m reminded yet again that this school is a good place to be, for all the reasons you’ll find sprinkled throughout this newsletter. As always, contact us if you have questions or concerns.  Enjoy the weekend.


Focus on Learning

Science Olympiad

There were three Invitational Science Olympiad tournaments in New England this year: at Cornell, at M.I.T., and at Lebanon High School. John Tietjen is commended for his organization, energy, and vision as he brought the program to Lebanon and hosted several schools last Saturday. Schools came from as far as Boston and St. Johnsbury, and all competed - testing their knowledge and problem solving in a range of science challenges:

    ~ Anatomy and Physiology ~ Game On

    ~ Astronomy ~  Hovercraft

    ~ Chemistry ~ Invasive Species

    ~ Disease Detectives ~ Microbe Mission

    ~ Dynamic Planet ~ Robot Arm

    ~ Ecology ~ Rocks and Minerals

    ~ Electric Vehicle ~ Towers

    ~ Experimental Design ~ Write It Do It

    ~ Forensics ~ Wind Power

Lebanon students were wonderful hosts and competed, but exempted themselves from prizes as the host school. If their scores had counted, we would have received recognition in eight events: three 1sts, four 2nds, and one 3rd. Congratulations to our students, thanks to all the volunteers, and congratulations, Mr. Tietjen!

FullSizeRender (81).jpgFullSizeRender (80).jpg

    Teacher and Science Olympiad Coach John Tietjen              The LHS Science Olympiad Team

IMG_8538.JPG IMG_8559.JPGIMG_8543.JPGIMG_8539.JPG IMG_8533.JPG

We would also like to thank the volunteers who made the Science Olympiad possible: Chris Glazier, Mary Wenig, Mary Maxfield, George Galev, Sue Seamans, Jeanne Roningen, Lynn Fischer, John Borger, Elaine Silverman, Patrick Magari, Tim Herndon, Mike Daly, Joy Gobin, Mike Anikis, Debbie Groveman, Shanna Nifoussi, Ashley Veenema, Paul Benoit, Bonnie Robinson, Dave Robinson, Adina Desaulniers, Tom Jasinski, Keith Matte, Andrew DiGiovanni, Lisa Torres, Don Walker, Brian Hampton, Louise Valliere, Jack Davini.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

On Valentine’s Day, the LHS Superlatives, under the direction of Dan Signor, serenaded the school, offering good wishes. Below, the School Council arranged for them to sing to me, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Matte respectively. Thanks to all for a happy interlude!

IMG_8583.JPG     IMG_8581.JPG     IMG_8578.JPG      

Anatomy and Physiology

Our A & P teacher, Mary Wenig, took the idea of “put on your thinking caps” to the next level. Students proudly wore their brain hats and answered questions regarding the brain’s function and capacity.

20170215_073337.jpg 20170215_101853.jpg

New Hampshire Scholars

At its 2.16.17 meeting, the Administrative Council voted to wait to include NH Scholars until a later time. Thanks to all who offered their comments on the program.

Course Registration

When we return from winter break, we will begin the process of course registration for the 2017-2018 school year. Please note the following dates:

  • February: The School Board approved the LHS Program of Studies 2017-2018. This Ninth Grade Edition is also available; it is a shortened version with only the courses open to incoming 9th graders.

  • March 1 at 7:00 pm: Open House for Grade 8 Parents.

  • March 2: Administration and Counselors visit Lebanon Middle School and Plainfield Elementary School.

  • March 3: Registration forms for grades 9, 10, and 11 are distributed in Advisory.

  • First 2 weeks in March: Sophomore parent meetings with School Counselors.

  • March 15: Grade 8 Registration forms are collected.

  • March 17: Grades 9-11 Registration forms are collected.

  • Week of April 3: School Counselors meet with students to review selections.

It is important for students/parents to make careful choices after considering the options and having discussions with current teachers. Many courses require teacher recommendation, as will be outlined on the Registration sheets. Please let us know if you have any questions about the process.

Have a great vacation,


School Council:

G    Good afternoon,

Today, Ethan (chair of the Relations Committee on Council) and I gave presentations during advisory and reassessment to the student body about the administration's school start time pilot program. I emailed a survey out to the students about the start time pilot program, and during our presentations Ethan and I explained to our peers that filling out the survey can give the administration valuable insight into the student perspective on the start time pilot program. Today has been a long day, and I look forward to seeing my peer’s artwork at the AVA gallery opening tonight featuring high school artwork 5-7, and going to the basketball game tonight at 6:30. Go Raiders! I am very excited to welcome my aunt and uncle who are coming up this weekend from New York to do some skiing.

Enjoy your February vacation,

Marina Liot

Music and the Arts:

LHS Band

Just a couple of reminders for the vacation week:

Take your instruments home! They get lonely and sad when they are left here all by themselves for a whole week! That way you can practice over break too! Definitely spend some time cleaning your parts. The sense of accomplishment in rockin your parts at our concert is well worth it!!

We have TONS of tupperware that still needs to be claimed. We even have some still hanging around from the Pops Concert. Please please come pick it up and take it home.

Be sure to pick up any additional Dunkin' Donuts Coupon Books you think you might be able to sell over break. Definitely spend some time fundraising! Even if you are traveling, you can bring some with you and sell along the way. This is a high profit fundraiser, so it is definitely worth going all out on this one!

Last but not least, have an awesome, fun, relaxing break! If you are traveling, safe travels, and see you when we get back!

Upcoming Events:

March 9 - All-District Band Concert

March 13 - Band Clinic

March 18 - Large Group Festival

Lauren Haley


A couple of weeks back, we showcased our new 3D printer in the Weekly. This time, let’s have a look at the new computer-controlled cutting machine called a CNC router - the “Carvey.” The router is already being used in our new Makerspace class.


Below: Makerspace teacher Mr. Jason Tetu holds two examples of plates that are used in the Carvey. As the drill bit carves through the green outer layer for the left plate, it reveals white. If using the right plate, yellow is removed to reveal black.


While the 3D printer literally builds objects from scratch, based on a design from an electronic file, the CNC router has a drill bit that carves a pattern into the plate - again, according to an imported design. Students create their design in an online program called Easel, and then send the finished file directly to the Carvey with the help of a guided preparation process.

Easel - Inventables logo.jpg

Easel screenshot 3- Switch template import.jpg

Above: a wall light switch design, which was imported into Easel to be blended with an imported Jedi logo (below).

The result? A Jedi logo light switch!

Easel screenshot 1 - Jedi Switch.jpg

Below: the plate is prepared in the Carvey before Easel sends the file to the machine.


Easel screenshot 4 - Carving preparation steps.jpg

Easel screenshot 6 - Carving preparation steps C - ready.jpg

Students watch as the Carvey starts drilling. The machine has a clear lid for safety while it contains dust.

The finished product:


Athletics and Co Curricular:


Boys Varsity

Friday 02/17/17 *Souhegan High School Home 6:30PM

Tuesday 02/21/17 *Milford High School Home 6:30PM

Friday 02/24/17 *John Stark Regional High School Away 6:30 PM

Boys Junior Varsity

Friday 02/17/17 Souhegan High School Home 5:00PM

Tuesday 02/21/17 Milford High School Home 5:00PM

Friday 02/24/17 John Stark Regional High School Away 5:00 PM

Boys Reserve

Monday 02/20/17 Rescheduled from 2017-02-07 Windsor High School

Away 4:00 PM

Wednesday 02/22/17 Hanover High School Home 3:30 PM

Thursday 02/23/17 Rescheduled from 2017-02-13 Sunapee HighSchool Away 4:00 PM

Friday 02/24/17 John Stark Regional High School Away 3:30 PM

Girls Varsity

Friday 02/17/17 *Souhegan High School Away 6:30 PM

Tuesday 02/21/17 *Milford High School Away 6:30 PM

Friday 02/24/17 *John Stark Regional High School Home 6:30 PM

Girls Junior Varsity

Friday 02/17/17 Souhegan High School Away 5:00 PM

Tuesday 02/21/17 Milford High School Away 5:00 PM

Friday 02/24/17 John Stark Regional High School Home 5:00PM

Ice Hockey

Boys Varsity

Saturday 02/18/17 *Kingswood Regional High School (@ Pop Whalen)Away 7:00 PM

Tuesday 02/21/17 *Rescheduled from 2017-01-23 GoffstownHome 4:30 PM

Friday 02/24/17 *Oyster River High School Home 6:20 PM

Saturday 02/25/17 *Saint Thomas Aquinas High Home 5:30 PM

Girls Varsity

Saturday 02/18/17 *Oyster River High School Home 4:20 PM

Monday 02/20/17 Souhegan High School (at St Anselms College) Away 1:00 PM

Wednesday 02/22/17 *Central High School Home 4:00 PM

Saturday 02/25/17 *Exeter High School Away 4:00 PM

Nordic Ski

Saturday 02/18/17 Plymouth Regional High School (Skate) Away 10:00 AM

Saturday 02/25/17 OPEN DATE (Classic @ Plainfield) Home 11:00 AM

Counseling Department:


Junior Parent College Information Night- Due to snow days we have had to reschedule.  We plan to hold this event (weather permitting!) on Monday, March 13th at 6:00pm in the LHS cafe.  School counselors will address the college search and application process and a representative from NHHEAF will share information about financial aid.  

HACTC visit-  The visit had to be postponed due to a delayed start on Thursday.  We have rescheduled for the morning of  February 28th.  Interested sophomores will visit three programs during the trip as well as have a general tour and receive an application.

Sophomore Parent Meetings- Parents of sophomores are invited to call the front office to set up a meeting with their child’s School Counselor.  These meetings are to review the student’s progress, address any questions/concerns, and plan ahead for junior year and beyond.  Appointments are available from March 1st-March 14th.  Please call to set up a time (Amy Tangen 448-2055 x 2000 from noon-4pm).

Junior Conferences- Counselors will be meeting with all juniors to review their transcripts and discuss course selection and post-secondary plans throughout the second semester.

School Day SAT for ALL Juniors- April 5, 2017.   No cost to students.  Juniors are already registered and the essay portion of the test will not be taken or available.

8th Grade Parent Night- Wednesday, March 1st at 7:00pm in the LHS Library.  


-PSAT results are available on-line ( as well as paper copies can be requested from counselors.   Students who took the test received emails with a necessary code to access their accounts and check their scores. Students are asked to pick up their test booklet and paper scores from their School Counselor if they have not done so already.

-Parents of seniors applying to college are encouraged to check each college’s website for specific information on financial aid forms and deadlines.  All parents should complete the FAFSA and should check to see if they need to complete the CSS Profile (through The College Board).

-SENIORS & SENIOR PARENTS should be checking Naviance on a regular basis for new scholarship applications being activated almost weekly. Numerous local and regional scholarships have been activated and applications are uploaded for printing. Deadlines are approaching for January and February. Stop by the School Counseling Department and see Mrs. Daigle for more information.

Student Assistance Information:

The Junction Teen Center

Meet-Ups" at the Junction are held Mondays from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.  All youth ages 15 - 20 are welcome.  Meet-Ups are FREE, facilitated by adults, and are held at LISTEN's Bourne Center, next to the White River Junction thrift store (42 Maple Street).  Pizza is served. For more information call 802-295-2612 or go to Facebook: Junction TeenCenter.

In case you missed last week’s weekly…..

You need to know, there have been a number of inappropriate uses of technology in our country recently.

Sexting is defined as sending sexually suggestive messages or images via text, email, IM.

Popular apps used are SnapChat and these others: Kik (is a messaging app, but it offers more anonymity than regular texting), WhatsApp., FaceTime, Fleshlight Launchpad, HouseTab, Tinder. ...

  • 39% of teens have sent a sext message

  • 20% of teens have posted nude/semi-nude content online

  • 71% of teen girls and 67% of teen guys who have sent or posted sexually suggestive content say they have sent/posted this content to a boyfriend/girlfriend

  • 21% of teen girls and 39% of teen boys say they have sent such content to someone they wanted to date or hook up with.

  • 22% of teens and 28% of young adults say they are personally more forward and aggressive using sexually suggestive words and images than they are in real life.

Nurse’s Corner:

Spring Sports sign ups are just around the corner.  This is a reminder to parents that student athletes in 9th grade need to have a dated, signed physical exam within the past 12 months that clearly states that the student is able to participate in school activities and sports. Student athletes in 10-12th grade need to have a physical exam within the past 24 months. It is helpful if parents send in any new physical exam document at any time, even if your child is not a student athlete and regardless when it was done in relation to sports seasons. Physical exam or immunization documents can be faxed to the School Nurse at (603) 448-1356, ATTN: Nurse. Or documents can be emailed as a pdf attachment to Paper copies are also accepted in the Nurse’s Office. Thank you.

General Announcements:

Richmond School Camp Fair

Families of K-12 students are invited to check out summer program opportunities at this free community event! Spread the word to all your friends in the Upper Valley.

Wednesday, March 1st

5-6:30 PM

RMS Gymnasium, 63 Lyme Road, Hanover, NH

Questions? contact Wendy Kares

The Lebanon High School Administrative Team:

Ian Smith, Principal         

Kieth Matte, Assistant Principal,

Bonnie Robinson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment,

Mike Stone, Athletic and Co-Curricular Director,