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Friday, March 17

Administrative Corner:

Hi folks, the sun is shining and it’s Friday afternoon - that’s a good thing!  I’ve had the chance to be in a number of classrooms as of late and good things are happening.  I went to Ms. Valliere’s precalculus class today and the kids were working away, sitting in groups, using their time well and talking about math - exactly what should’ve been happening, but still good to see! In Ms. Angell’s Honors 10 English class they were sharing thoughts on the duality of man, discussing Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, making references to Grendel and Beowulf and setting the stage to read Stevenson’s, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. In Ms. Lambour’s room this afternoon, a half dozen students were reworking their essays, crafting their sentences, engaging each other and trying to find ways to improve their grades. These interactions between student and student and student and teacher are happening constantly, hundreds of times throughout the school day.  Sometimes it’s easy to see the learning taking place - in other settings the meaningful takeaways from these exchanges are less obvious. Today was a good day in that it was clear to see that connections were being made.

Registration sheets were due today and within the next few weeks counselors will be sitting with students to confirm course selections and we will begin the process of building the master schedule.  If you have questions about the process, whether a certain class is the right fit or not, please email or reach out to your child’s counselor.  As always, please let us know how we can help.  Enjoy the weekend.


Focus on Learning

Model United Nations

Congratulations to Faculty Advisor Vanessa DeSimone and our students who attended Model United Nations in New York City last weekend. The group traveled by Dartmouth Coach, taxi, and on foot and enjoyed three intense days discussing current global issues and learning about how the United Nations functions. This experiential learning program provides an opportunity for students to hone skills in diplomacy, negotiation, critical thinking, compromise, public speaking, writing, and research. Thousands of students from all over the world attended the conference in NYC.

IMG_9078.JPG  IMG_9087.JPG  IMG_9088.JPG

IMG_9091.JPG  IMG_9098.JPG

Congratulations to Stephanie, Marina, Will, Lorraine, Maddie, Felicity, Misia, Amalia, and Mrs. DeSimone.

You represented us well, and we are proud of you!

Course Registration

All students should have turned in their registration sheets today, and we will begin the process of determining the master schedule for next year. School counselors will meet with students to review their choices. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Music in Our Schools

The choral concert, scheduled for last Tuesday, was snowed out by Stella. It has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 21st, at the Lebanon Opera House, 7:00. Hope to see you there!

Student Athletes

It has been such a big week for our student athletes!

We’d like to extend congratulations to the fine group below who qualified for the Scholar Athlete Award from the NHIAA. To qualify, they must:

  • Be a NH high school senior

  • Have a B+ or higher average throughout their high school career

  • Letter and be currently active in at least two NHIAA recognized sports

  • Be a positive role model who has participated in community service activities.

Congratulations to Josie, Peter, Emily, Maring, Meredith, Nathan, Caleb, Annaliese, Davis, Jacob, Corinne, Kassidee, Hunter, Ashlynn, Bri, KJ, Raphael, Joslin, Mary Felice, and Graham.


Lebanon Girls Basketball are State Champs!

Congratulations to Coach Kehoe, Coach Dancosse,Meredith, Isabelle, Madeline, Leah, Kassidee, Zoe, Anna, Josie, Megan, Rebecca, Caroline B., Joslin, Isabel, Olivia, Caroline L., and Managers, Annabelle and Clara.

You are fantastic, and it was so much fun watching you this year.


The State Champs just before the start of the game.


We’re hoping for a Boys’ Varsity Basketball State Championship tomorrow- good luck to Coach Mattee and the team. If we win, we believe this will be the first time since 1987 that a high school has had both the Boys and Girls win State Titles in basketball. Ironically, in 1987, it was Goffstown High School that won both titles, beating Lebanon in both games.

School Council:

Music and the Arts:

The All Choral Concert has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 21st.  It will be held at the Lebanon Opera House starting at 7:00 p.m.  Admission is free.

LHS Bands

The Concert Band had a wonderful clinic with Dr. Jim Chesebrough of Keene State College on Monday. He shared his expertise with us, showed us some new techniques, and had some great things to say about our playing. We kept his advice in mind as we continued to prepare our music for the NH Large Group Festival on Saturday. This is our last major event in March. We end the month with the NH All-State Festival, which includes only selected students.

Thank you all for your continued support of our program, and wish us luck on Saturday!

Happy Music in Our Schools Month!

Ms. Haley


We are in the process of preparing a collection of new Raspberry Pi microcontrollers for one of our new courses for the 2017-2018 school year: Applied Digital Electronics.

The Raspberry Pi 3, with length and width dimensions close to a credit card, comes with built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth capability. This is the heart of a self-made, inexpensive computer or technology project. The pins on top allow for connections to circuits, which might include sensors and motors. The Raspberry Pi is best housed in an insulating box with a cover, in order to protect it from electrostatic shock.

The Pi’s latest operating system is Raspbian Jessie with “PIXEL” (which stands for Pi Improved Xwindows Environment Lightweight).

The Raspberry Pi 3 operates on an 8-gigabyte micro-secure digital (“SD”) card. The entire operating system fits on one partition of this card, with room to spare for saved files. Raspbian includes some coding platforms that students will work on for creative projects that involve computer programming. These will include environmental monitoring systems and connected physical devices that comprise  “The Internet of Things.” Would your son or daughter like to learn about circuit theory, coding, and product development? During the week of March 27, school counselors will be meeting with students to discuss their course selections for next year. If your son or daughter hasn’t yet considered taking Applied Digital Electronics, or did not select it on his or her registration form, there’s still time to choose it. And, to learn more about Raspberry Pi, click here.

Athletics and Co Curricular:

I Spring Practices officially begin on March 20th.   

II.A reminder that all participants should come with or have already submitted prior to this meeting   the following:    


**It would be best to have these forms submitted to the athletic office at least two weeks prior to the start of the season.                                            

1.       Signed Co- Curricular  Code of Conduct:

Indicating that you have read and understand the contents of the Co- curricular Handbook . This need only be signed once per school year.  This contract also indicates that you have given your son/daughter permission to participate in all co-curricular activity.  Signing this form indicates you understand the risks involved with the activity your son/daughter is participating in                    


A physical examination is required before participation in athletic activities is permitted. Any ninth grade student or transfer student involved in athletics will be required to have a physical form, not more than a year old, completed by a physician prior to starting practice. Physicals are required every two years thereafter for all athletes.                          

3.       Alternative Driver form                             

In the event that a parent/guardian cannot provide transportation, an alternative designated driver may transport the student athlete to or from an away contest or event provided all district policies are followed. The alternative driver   MUST be 18 or older and be willing to show identification. All drivers must sign-out with the coach or advisor upon departure from the event.  Immediate family members must be at least 18 years of age in order to serve as an Alternative Driver                  

IV. All forms are available online or by stopping by the Athletic Office at Lebanon High School.

Counseling Department:


Junior Parent College Information Night-  Parents who were unable to attend this informational meeting can still obtain packets from the School Counseling Office. Please contact your student’s counselor or Michele Daigle, School Counseling Dept., Asst., @ for your copy.

Junior Conferences- Counselors will be meeting with all juniors to review their transcripts and discuss course selection and post-secondary plans throughout the second semester.

School Day SAT for ALL Juniors- April 5, 2017.   No cost to students.  Juniors are already registered and the essay portion of the test will not be taken or available.

Central Vermont College Fair- April 4th 9:30am-11:30am is being held at Vermont Technical College.  Over 100 colleges from across the country are expected to be represented at the fair.  Students choosing to attend should fill out a “college visit” form (available in the Counseling Office).  Transportation for this event is not provided by LHS.


-PSAT results are available on-line ( as well as paper copies can be requested from counselors.   Students who took the test received emails with a necessary code to access their accounts and check their scores. Students are asked to pick up their test booklet and paper scores from their School Counselor if they have not done so already.

-Parents of seniors applying to college are encouraged to check each college’s website for specific information on financial aid forms and deadlines.  All parents should complete the FAFSA and should check to see if they need to complete the CSS Profile (through The College Board).

-SENIORS & SENIOR PARENTS should be checking Naviance on a regular basis for new scholarship applications being activated almost weekly. Numerous local and regional scholarships have been activated and applications are uploaded for printing. Deadlines are approaching for January and February. Stop by the School Counseling Department and see Mrs. Daigle for more information.

Student Assistance Information:

Under-Age Drinking video - talking about it is a good thing! Talking about the future sounds a whole lot better with YOUR voice in it! More info.

General Announcements:

Parents and Students Please check the lost and found table and red jewelry lady in the front office by April 13, 2017 during break items will be taken to Listen

Kilton Public Library,

West Lebanon, NH

Community Room

Due to snow storm, NEW DATE:     Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nurse’s Corner:

I cannot repeat this enough times - PLEASE keep your child at home if they have unexplained, sudden onset of nausea, vomiting or watery diarrhea, with stomachache and/ or headache. These Noroviruses, ie “stomach bug”  are highly contagious and can be spread from the moment of feeling sick until several days later, even if symptoms have subsided. I have been seeing students in the Nurses Office for this virus for over 3 weeks now. The district policy is that Students should not return to school if they have more than one episode of vomiting or diarrhea in the previous 24hrs.  Students are reporting to me this week (3/13 - 3/17) that they had multiple bouts of vomiting or diarrhea the previous day, yet they are returning to school the following day.  They invariably end up in the Nurses office the next day and this virus continues to circulate among families, LHS students and staff. Please be considerate of others.  If you have questions or doubts about whether to send your child to school call me at (603) 678-8135. I am in the Nurse’s office from 7:10am - at least 3pm, and often later, M-F.

The best prevention is frequent, thorough hand-washing, isolating a sick person from others, thoroughly wiping down surfaces (especially in bathrooms) with bleach solution or disinfectant, and not sharing food, utensils, face towels, etc. For more information about Norovirus go to  Norovirus | Home | CDC

The Lebanon High School Administrative Team:

Ian Smith, Principal         

Kieth Matte, Assistant Principal,

Bonnie Robinson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment,

Mike Stone, Athletic and Co-Curricular Director,