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LHS Staff


Ian Smith, Principal              

Kieth Matte, Assistant Principal

Bonnie Robinson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment      

Mike Stone, Athletic & Co-curricular Director

Support Staff

Michele Daigle, Guidance Secretary

Terry Dube, Faculty/SPED Secretary

Dianne Grant, A.M. Receptionist

Brenda Hamel, Attendance Officer

Sheena Youngman, Administrative Assistant

Pamela Spaulding, Secretary to AD/Co-curr.
Amy Tangen, P.M. Receptionist


John Carey

Todd Matte

Susan Renard

Johnathan Warren

Educational Support Staff

Dale Cloutier, Required Academic Study

Andrew DiGiovanni, Technology Integrator

Joy Gobin, Extended Learning Opportunities

Christian McDonald, Reading Specialist

Ann Sharfstein, Reading Specialist

English Language Learners

Student Support Services

Ellen Bald, School Nurse

Christine Malhoit, District Nurse Coordinator

Greg Parthum, School Resource Officer

Lucas McKittrick, School Psychologist

Emily Musty, Student Asst. Counselor

Dennis Samuel, Cafe Services

Ricky Sanville, Day Custodian

Marilyn Walter, 504 Coordinator

Klaran Warner, Speech Language Pathologist