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Restricted Academic Study

RAS is a time to develop time management, which will assist you with study skills and organization so that you can be a successful student and one who will advocate for yourself. You will gain assistance with your daily assignments from all your academic classes.


          BE PREPARED
               DO THE RIGHT THING

1. Quiet place to do your homework.
2. There will be no cell phone use, texting. There will be no sleeping in RAS.
3. There will be no use of headphones or any type of player, (ipods, gaming, etc.)
4. You will record assignments in each class in your planner and you will show your planner each day.
5. When you have no work, you will bring a book for reading.
6. You need to bring your work with you every day. You should bring the supplies you need such as a pencil with you every day. There is 
     no such thing as “I have nothing to do”.
7. Computers will be available if needed, but if they are not students should plan their work accordingly, so they have something to keep
     them busy.
8. There will be no food or beverages in the classroom.
9. You may not go to the Library or other rooms during RAS. RAS is not the time to run errands.
10. You must show respect to the teacher, peer leaders, and others in the class.
11. There will be help available if you need itASK.
12. You must remain in your assigned seats.
13. Folders and Daily Monitoring Sheet will be in the file cabinet for you. Transfer assignments from your plan book to the folder.
14. You are responsible each day to record what you accomplish during RAS.
15. Basic sheets to help with some work will be in your folders, refer to them.