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Health & Support

School Nurse:                                               Ellen Bald, RN                     448-2055, ext. 3014
District Nurse Coordinator:                        Chris Malhoit, RN               448-2055, ext. 3005
Student Assistance Provider:                      Emily Musty                        448-2055, ext. 2226
School Psychologist:                                    Lucas McKittrick                 448-2055, ext. 4523
School Resource Officer:                             Greg Parthum                    448-2055, ext. 3015  
                                                                                                                   Officer Parthum's primary Police Department email:
Title IX
If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, we are here to support you. 
Please contact:
  • Emily Musty

                Student Assistance Provider & Lebanon High School Title IX Coordinator
                448-2055, ext. 2226
  • Ian Smith

                LHS Principal
                448-2055, ext 3002
  • Dianne Estes

                District Title IX Coordinator

District Health Services
This is where you will find all general health forms and contact information for health offices at each school in the Lebanon School District.