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Special Education Staff

Case Managers

Case managers are assigned to students when they enter the high school and will manage the students' programs until they are discharged or graduate. During the student's eighth grade year, a case manager from Lebanon High School will be assigned to that student and will be invited to attend the staffings at either the Lebanon Junior High School or the Plainfield School in order to augment transition services to a new setting.

Marilyn Walterext 2230
Mary Desharnaisext 2331, voicemail ext 2454
Allison Orlando
, ext 2331, voicemail ext 2455
Jane Rice, ext 2330, voicemail ext 2459
Rob Rice, ext 2331, voicemail ext 2457
Jan Stevens,  ext 2331, voicemail ext 2458
Joe Wood, ext 2330, voicemail ext 2453
Case Managers
A student who will be attending LHS and is supported by an IEP or 504 Plan is assigned a case manager who will oversee that student throughout the high school years.  A case manager performs a variety of duties including the following:
  • conducts diagnostic evaluations for both the three year evaluation process as well for students newly referred
  • consults with teachers, parents, students, community agencies to ensure that the student's IEP or 504 Plan is being implemented
  • plans, sets up and chairs team meetings
  • manages the student's confidential file to ensure that the special education/504 process is being followed
  •  distributes, collects and organizes biweekly progress reports to help students and parents keep undated on the student's progress
  • attends staffings at receiving schools such at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center and other placements
  • attends staffings as requested at Lebanon Junior High School and Plainfield Elementary in order to aid in the student's transition to the high school setting
  • provides support for specific modifications as noted in the students' IEP
  • promotes connections between students and appropriate related services such as counseling, speech/language etc.

Support Staff

Our support staff brings to our department a variety of talents and skills. Many of our support staff have had numerous years of experience at the high school and provide a consistency and expertise which is vital to our department.

Crystal Battis
Karen Boucher

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Support Staff
The support staff can be seen throughout the building and the community providing their diverse talents in order to help our students meet with success.  Some of the responsibilities of our support staff include the following:
  • tutors students in specific subjects  to help them meet the requirements of their teachers
  • helps students develop and maintain an organizational system as part of promoting study skills
  • attends classes to help students take notes and to provide support for various modifications
  • works with students in the community to help them develop vocational and life skills
  • meets with case managers to discuss the progress of students

The Special Education  Department is supervised by Jane Rice who is the Special Education Department Coordinator of our school. Jane wears many hats during the day and some of his responsibilities in the special education department include the following:
  • sets up the Resource Room schedule matching students with tutors
  •  acts as the Local Education Agency(LEA) to sign IEP's  and 504 plans to approve funding
  • evaluates all special education staff members
  • attends team meetings to help in decision-making
  • heads staff meetings with special education department members

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