A time lapse video of the building of this year's bonfire is now posted on the Senior Class page.

Beyond Graduation: Resources for Students & Families

Plan for life after high school. College, career, SATs, and other relevant information to prepare for graduation can be found on the School Counseling page.

Walk for Suicide Awareness

Many LHS students joined the Hanover High-led Walk for Suicide Awareness. Along the 4 mile walk were signs educating the walkers about the warning signs of suicide and resources available to those in need of help. Students4Students' leaders Bri Hibner '17 and Clare Brown '18 held the banner to lead the walk and ran ahead to welcome all walkers through the finish line. Mr. Dude, his wife Anna and their son joined the walkers too. Congrats to all who walked. Photos by Ms. Musty.

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LHS Student of the Month

Meredith, a senior, delights in learning. For her determination to do her very best, her skill in class discussion, and her kindness to her classmates, she is our latest Student of the Month. One of our teachers felt lucky to have Meredith in a double period class last year "where she stood out as the only student who came to class every day prepared to be an active participant in class discussion. There was never a single day when she sat back, was unprepared, or waited for someone else to question or reflect." It was also shared that "Meredith has a very strong work ethic, she cares about doing well, she never looks to make excuses, and she can be very funny and insightful. I know she carries this focus and effort on to the field hockey field and the basketball court. Watching her play both sports is such fun as it is clear that she is focused and yet always part of a team effort." Meredith stays engaged beyond her classroom and teams, too: she led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance before Bernie Sanders spoke at the high school on Labor Day. "She handled the spotlight and attention with grace, poise, and no small degree of excitement," proclaimed a member of our faculty. "I will never forget when she turned and hugged me after having spoken to Sanders and given him a painting she labored over last spring. She seems a perfect candidate for Student of the Month." Congratulations to Meredith!

Students are nominated for their genuine interest in learning, respect for fellow students and faculty, contributions to the school community, and/or overcoming adversity.  Students are first nominated and then voted on by faculty & staff.

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WISE Words

LHS Students Jill Dion, DeShawn Wood, and Brenna Peterson have contributed WISE Words public service announcements to air on local Great Eastern Radio stations. Listen to the segments on SoundCloud! (Click logo)

To learn more about WISE and how you can help:


To see the press release regarding the LHS accreditationclick here.

Lebanon Gym Floor

As our current LHS gym floor is renovated, 
you can secure your 
"Square Foot of History" 
by purchasing a piece of the old floor.

For more information, click here

LHS and District Events Calendar

Art of the Week

Sage Thibodeau

Title: "Day of the Dead"
Dimensions: 8" by 10"
Medium: 4B Pencil

Formerly featured works from "Art of the Week" 
can be seen in our archives on the Art Club page.

PowerSchool Links & Information for LHS Families

Instructions for setting up a parent portal account

Did You Know..?

Eight students took courses at Dartmouth last fall. These classes were:
    • Calculus (Several Variables)
    • Economics
    • Intro to Computer Science
    • Computer Science - Discrete Mathematics
    • Arabic
For more information on how LHS students are taking advantage of Extended Learning Opportunities, see Ms. Gobin in Room S21.


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One of the many ways we will keep in touch with you is through SchoolMessenger. You may receive messages by phone, email, or phone/email. It is very important that we have current contact information for you! Please contact your school directly if it is necessary to update your contact info.